Springwatch has arrived in our garden

We’ve recently treated ourselves to a new toy… an infrared camera trap. Tonight was a trial run with it, and we are utterly delighted with the results… our first ever night time image at 1:57am this morning was Mr Hedgehog having a wander around our orchard. I cannot wait to see if he comes back tonight and whether he brings anyone with him. We have twisted the camera a little further round to the left to try and get a better shot of him as he emerges from the wild. Watch this space…

Spring hasn’t quite sprung just yet…but it’s on its way

Spring is here, but not that you’d know it with the grey skies today. The heating is back on and the jumpers haven’t quite been stored away yet. So let’s focus on what’s yet to come…glorious long warm nights, stunning springtime flowers and pretty insects pollinating. Bring it on! If you haven’t already done so, why not check out our springtime gallery on our Taraji Blue website¬†http://photo.tarajiblue.com/p275742657

Satisfying the bucket list

We’ve had a great start to 2013 – we’ve managed to see and photograph many a species in the UK including Grey Herons, Great Crested Grebes, cute Goslings, Buzzards, Ospreys, Oystercatchers and Gannets. We’ve also been lucky enough to locate and photograph a subject I’d never seen before in the wild – the UK Red Squirrel. I had longed to see these magnificent creatures for so long, and we struck lucky on a weekend in the UK Lake District. We were supposed to be photographing and observing the mighty Ospreys, but the cheeky Red Squirrels darting around our feet were far too distracting and our attention turned to photographing them. I must admit – the environment was less than perfect – they had been baited by some nuts, and the afternoon sun (a rare sight in the UK) was very bright indeed, making it very difficult to capture the perfect shot. But we persevered and, whilst these are not my best shots, they are all I have to prove I saw and spent time with these fantastic creatures – and for that reason, I am sharing them on this blog today. We’d still be there now if it wasn’t for

Vacant Stall

I find that late Sunday afternoon’s in spring are a great time to explore York city centre. With the markets closed, the tourists at home and the sun peaking out, the city takes on a rare silence and allows me, as ¬†a local, to have some peace and quiet to explore the back alleyways, historic properties and marketplaces of the city. This image is a vacant market stall on York Market – taken early evening once the stallholders had packed up and gone home. It’s silence and absence of items tells a tale. The marks on the tables are evidence of traders,exchanges and items for sale. Of bustle, chaos and eventual calm. This image is shared in support of our “Yorkshire” week here on Taraji Blue where we put aside our wanderlust for a week and instead focus on the beauty and experiences we can find in our own backyard. If you like this picture, please feel free to share using the social media links provided. For more images of York and Yorkshire, ¬†visit the¬†Taraji Blue photo gallery. You can also show your support for Taraji Blue by liking us on facebook at¬†http://www.facebook.com/tarajiblue¬†following us on twitter¬†https://twitter.com/TarajiBlue¬†and connecting with¬†Alistair¬†and¬†myself¬†on Google+