My photo of the week: a spotlight on Bryce Canyon, USA

Here at Taraji Blue photography we’ve been looking back over our photography archive and releasing some of the shots taken in years gone by (even in the years before we went digital!). I wanted to share this image (above) because it was one taken with a Canon Powershot Pro back in 2004, well before we had got our hands […]

Close Encounters With Another World

My husband and I were lucky enough that our birthdays coordinated with the launch of the last ever night shuttle launch from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA.  Being space and science geeks we could think of no better way to celebrate and, after a tense ticket purchase process, we eagerly packed our bags and jumped on a flight out to the USofA. On the evening of […]

Close Encounters With Manatees

This is a re-share of a previus blog post, but it is a memory so precious to me and fits perfectly with the theme of ‘Close Encounter’s… I love nothing more than encountering new wildlife when on holidays, and my ultimate favourite has to been the Floridian manatee… My first encounter with a manatee was during a trip to […]