New photo gallery now available: Costa Rica

We’ve done it! It’s taken a wee while, but we’ve finally sorted and processed our photography from our trip to Costa Rica in June 2011. We took literally thousands of pictures, so it’s taken some time to sort and order them – especially because my macro challenge distracted me from the task at hand for a month. Never-the-less, […]

The top 5 best places in the world to watch sunset (in my opinion)

1. In the middle of a polar ocean on a clear evening. Antarctic or Arctic, it does not matter. Just seek any place where; a) you have a calm sea to reflect the cacophony of colours b) you can see for miles c) you can glimpse the curvature of the horizon d) you have clouds […]

Eating in Istanbul

The food in Istanbul is simply incredible. I have heard it described as bland, spicy and Asian…in short, it can be anything you fancy, but I would really recommend trying some of the local dishes. We really enjoyed: a) Pide: imagine a pizza covered in a choice of fresh toppings, freshly made to order…tuna, ham, […]