This land is Lawrence’s (of Arabia)

Standing on top of a rock arch, Alistair captured this vista of Wadi Rum – the land of Lawrence of Arabia. I don’t need to describe it’s beauty – you can see it here. Vast carpets of red sand support what little life there is in the desert – scrub bushes. Towers of red sandstone […]

The ancient pillars of Jerash

These are the ancient pillars of Jerash, reaching out towards the pristine blue skies of Jordan. The ancient site is now the second most popular tourist attraction in Jordan (after Petra). It’s a welcoming but immense place. As a visitor you are free to roam the pillars, amphitheatres and ancient walkways. Visitors are easily consumed into […]

The winding walk and waterways of Wadi Mujib

This is Wadi Mujib. A beautiful valley that twists and turns – offering drivers, walkers and extreme sports enthusiasts a new vista at every turn. It is a truly wonderful canyon to explore. The many high viewpoints provide not only great views, but also a cool breeze in which to escape the Jordanian heat. It’s […]

Exploring the dungeons of Castle Karak, Jordan

Whilst travelling through Jordan we stopped off to explore Karak Castle. Positioned high on the hill, the castle not only offers lovely views over the town and valley below, but it is also a great ruin in which to explore. Nooks and crannies offer opportunities for hide and seek, and dark passageways, occasionally illuminated by […]

Exploring the desert of Wadi Rum

To stand alone and enjoy the silence and vistas of Wadi Rum is a true privilege. We spent one night in the desert ,camping with Bedouins and made the most of the opportunity to explore the surrounding area. Illuminated only by the light from our mobile phone we climbed the rocks immediately surrounding camp, and […]