Rail trip part 2 – X’ian to Chengdu

This rail trip could not have been more different to the Beijing to X’ian journey, but it was no more less of an experience.  X’ian is dirty, busy and chaotic. The train station is no different…but it’s easier to navigate than Beijing train station. This is because it’s much smaller and concentrated, does not rely […]

The Terracotta Warriors, China

On the tourist trail for many, Xi’an is home to the famous Terracotta Warriors. They’re located about one hour’s ride on a tourist bus from the city centre, and it’s defiantly worth a visit. Buses are regular and hassle free and there’s no need to buy tickets from the bedlam that is Xi’an bus station. […]

Rail trips in China – part 1

Beijing rail station is busier and larger than most airports I have visited. It’d also a dramatic introduction to the difference between English and Chinese social norms. Arriving at 10:30 pm for an overnight rail  trip to X’ian, we found ourselves trying to enter the two tiny open glass doors of the train station, seemingly […]

The Great Wall of China

We set off before dawn with the uncle of our Beijing hostesses to head to Simitai – the less touristy and less frequently visited part of the wall. It’d take 4-5 hours to hike to Jinshanling where we’d be picked up around lunchtime. The journey to Simitai should, I’m convinced, have taken longer than it […]