Elephants are one of nature’s greatest, but most gentle giants. As humans we show an incredible lack of respect to these great mammals, failing to recognise their majesty and grace. Poachers, drought and man-made boundaries are threatening the lives of these amazing creatures. It’s heartbreaking to think how some people can stand in front of […]

From the good old days…appreciating what you have

So, I’ve been spending some time in our photography archives recently, reviewing images taken many years ago that have been since banished to the depths of my hard drive. My hope was that I might previously have overlooked some gems which, ten years on and with a different eye, I might choose to resurrect and […]

It’s World Elephant Day!

12th August marks World Elephant Day and its aim is to bring the world together to help and protect our elephants. Regular followers of Taraji Blue will know that elephants are one of our most favourite animals. We have been privileged to spend many a happy hour in their company, mainly in the National Parks […]

The Perfect Sunset

This week on Taraji Blue we’re recalling and celebrating our favourite sunrises and sunsets. It was taken in the Maasai Mara a few years back on a return trip we’d longed to take. It captures the rising sun through the silhouette of a tree and symbolises not only the awakening of the bush, but the way Africa […]

One from the archives

This is an oldie but a goodie. Taken in the ye olde days when we shot in film we captured this image of elephants in Samburu National Park. I have purposefully not post processed in anyway because I love the rawness and texture  of the image . The immense landscape, the colours, the seemingly insignificant size of the herd of elephants – they all […]