Stars And Spray

The Milky Way arcs downward to the raging seas of the Tsitsikamma coast, South Africa, passing rugged folds of quartzite (I think – I’m no geologist) gently lit by nearby cabins. This was also posted for +African Tuesday *African Rocks* on Google+ so let’s also assume a good proportion of these stars harbour planets or […]

Who Tore The Sky In Two?

On our recent adventure in the Kalahari, South Africa we embraced all opportunities for star gazing.  En-route to the Kalahari we’d stopped off at SALT – the Southern Africa Large Telescope and had enrolled on a stargazing tour with them – this turned out to be an incredible introduction to the stars and constellations of the Southern Hemisphere. I put into practice what I’d learned and […]

Sky: Challenge, #1

I’ve set myself a non-committed, loosely monitored, non-binding frequency photography project. Objective is 5 photographs per week, not necessarily posted on the same day they were taken, and the subject will be: Sky. I just missed the most recent full moon by a day (the Moon Phase Pro app on Android Market is excellent for […]