The merits of a guided safari (Memories of the Maasai Mara Series)

I’ve been blogging  a lot this year about the merits of a self drive safari, but reflecting on our experiences in the Maasai Mara I realised how wonderful a guided safari can be.  We took this photo hanging out of the back of a vehicle (easier than trying to reverse inches to get the sun perfectly positioned), […]

The Lone Wanderer (Memories of the Maasai Mara Series)

The lone buffalo requires no pack mentality. Safety in numbers is not necessary. Instead, he lies in wait. Alone. Lurking. He is the most feared animal in the Mara. With haunted memories of how his species was hunted by humans, this lone male awaits silently. He keeps an ever watchful eye on the plains. His […]

Travelling Alone (Memories of the Maasai Mara Series)

Several trips to Africa previously had not rewarded us with any true sightings of the beautiful leopard. This trip I was determined would be different. A vigil each dusk often returned no results. Determined that my patience would be rewarded, I joined a group on a four hour ‘stakeout’ to capture a glimpse of this […]

Meet Mr Chips…

We recently went on a falconry course, courtesy of my fabby sister and her beau. It was a dream come true for me as I am OBSESSED with owls. You can only imagine my delight when, upon arriving, I was introduced to a whole host of owls, some tiny and handbag sized, some so huge your arm would quiver […]

The Great Migration (Memories of the Maasai Mara Series)

Safety in numbers is not a mentality which is restricted to the same species or family group. The Great Migration is an example of how a number of species including wildebeest, gazelle and zebra can travel in unity, seeking protection and grazing opportunities. Following them are other species who can benefit. We watched for hours as […]