The Eyes Have It

I cannot believe that I have not yet blogged about the thing that first got me into photography… the detail you can see in the eyes of animals. Way back when, armed with our first digital 30D camera, I became obsessed with the quality of the camera and the amount of detail it would render. The one image that firmly lead me on the road to this obsession was this image (above) taken by my […]

When Dreams Do Come True

Well, those who know me well, or had been following  my Kalahari trip reports in 2012,  will know I am obsessed with owls. Totally and utterly obsessed. You can, therefore, imagine my joy when my lovely sister and her lovely man got my husband and I a birds of prey experience day for our birthdays last year. After much anticipation […]

A Return To Form

At 2012’s Wild Photos conference  there was a lot of discussion about ‘returning to form’. At least three of the speakers (professional photographers like Charlie Hamilton James,  Britta Jaschinski and Klaus Nigge) exhibited photography portfolios where they had foregone the sharpness of digital in the urge to produce textured (grainy) shots representative of bygone eras. Britta, herself shoots only with black and white film […]

One from the archives

This is an oldie but a goodie. Taken in the ye olde days when we shot in film we captured this image of elephants in Samburu National Park. I have purposefully not post processed in anyway because I love the rawness and texture  of the image . The immense landscape, the colours, the seemingly insignificant size of the herd of elephants – they all […]