Flight of the Navigator

This is a new image, never before shared on the Taraji Blue website. These wee folks remind me of that old 1980’s movie, ‘Flight of the Navigator.’ They are, in fact, tiny thorn bugs from Costa Rica. Whilst relaxing on the edge of the Tortuguero River one afternoon, I look down from my book to […]

Satisfying the bucket list

We’ve had a great start to 2013 – we’ve managed to see and photograph many a species in the UK including Grey Herons, Great Crested Grebes, cute Goslings, Buzzards, Ospreys, Oystercatchers and Gannets. We’ve also been lucky enough to locate and photograph a subject I’d never seen before in the wild – the UK Red […]

Meet Mr Crotchety Pants…

This is Mr Crotchety Pants, he lives around Lower Sabie in Kruger National Parks and he does not like me one bit! When I say he doesn’t like me – it’s not like he’s taken a slight dislike , he REALLY does not like me – to the extent that he almost ran us off […]

A Different Perspective On African Wildlife Photography.

I’m chuffed that we seem to have some very different shots from our time in Kruger National Park this time round – and not just because of my shiny new infrared camera. Alistair has taken some stunning paint-like images of impala (above),Ā capturingĀ their movement and grace in a new light, and I had a great time […]