Capturing the Northern Lights

So revered and so anticipated, the Northern Lights were a highlight of the trip and fulfilled a lifelong ambition for Alistair and I.  We were privileged to see them two nights in a row, on three separate occasions. I must confess that Alistair was the key photographer during these episodes, I tried to video the […]

Photo of the week: A Norwegian Landscape

I really like this picture because, to me, it’s the epitome of Arctic Norway. Huge mountains that reach down to water and arctic tundra that both surprises and delights in its autumn colours. It was taken in the most unlikely place – at the end of a main road in Longyearbyen – a ramshackle but […]

Photographing ice

Greenland was a challenging place to photograph ice – though I recall us being a lot less concerned about white balance and exposure compensation here compared to when we went to Antarctica. The challenge comes from Greenland’s unusual landscape – the fact that huge hulks of ice are framed by dark snow topped mountains in […]

A photographers’ paradise

Greenland – a place of which we had little or no expectation, but were humbled and shaken by. It’s a land of outrageous scenery, a place that makes you feel alive again – like a child again. Immense 150 foot icebergs adorn every corner of your vision, colours penetrate your vision and you feel like […]

Never put your camera down!

Carrying a 28-300 or 100-400 Canon lens round for two weeks is no mean feat – Especially when you are ‘working’ 20 hour days sometimes, scrambling up mountainsides and getting in and out of zodiacs into the sea daily. What we’ve learned is that by goodness the Canon L lenses are robust. They’ll take a […]