Stars And Spray

The Milky Way arcs downward to the raging seas of the Tsitsikamma coast, South Africa, passing rugged folds of quartzite (I think – I’m no geologist) gently lit by nearby cabins. This was also posted for +African Tuesday *African Rocks* on Google+ so let’s also assume a good proportion of these stars harbour planets or […]

My photo of the week: a spotlight on Bryce Canyon, USA

Here at Taraji Blue photography we’ve been looking back over our photography archive and releasing some of the shots taken in years gone by (even in the years before we went digital!). I wanted to share this image (above) because it was one taken with a Canon Powershot Pro back in 2004, well before we had got our hands […]

Rock Formations – The New Obsession

Ever since we saw the incredible rock formations of Greenland’s seascapes (see bottom picture) we’ve become hooked on photographing geology. We’ve found the coastlines of the UK especially fruitful for wierd and wonderful rock formations. I have chosen our top three geology images to share with you today. The most recent is the shot above […]