Love, Fear, Confusion

Two Arctic hares on the rocky hillside overlooking Blomsterbukten, eastern Greenland. This shot is important to me because of what happened before, and illustrates why wildlife photographers need to understand nature perhaps more than they need to understand photography. Arriving on the coast via Zodiac, we split into rough groups and walked up a shallow […]

Meet Mr Crotchety Pants…

This is Mr Crotchety Pants, he lives around Lower Sabie in Kruger National Parks and he does not like me one bit! When I say he doesn’t like me – it’s not like he’s taken a slight dislike , he REALLY does not like me – to the extent that he almost ran us off […]

The Eyes Have It

I cannot believe that I have not yet blogged about the thing that first got me into photography… the detail you can see in the eyes of animals. Way back when, armed with our first digital 30D camera, I became obsessed with the quality of the camera and the amount of detail it would render. The one image that firmly lead me on the road to this obsession was this image (above) taken by my […]

Close Encounters With HumanKind

Whilst staying at feynan EcoLodge in Wadi Dana (Jordan) we took the opportunity to wander the valley floor. We amused ourselves for an entire afternoon, tracking musical songbirds in the dry trees of the once riverbed and locating crickets in the sparse and thorny undergrowth. It was hard work and we stopped after an hour or […]