About a book – ‘Glimpses from another world’ by Marie & Alistair Knock

There’s something about the concept of staring into the eyes of another creature which gives me goosebumps. The idea of such an intense connection, of a memory without spoken word – a moment lost in translation. Photography gives you the privilege of getting up close and personal with a number of subjects – and for […]

The benefit of hindsight – Lessons with leopards

I have often heard the criticism that the tourist with a camera sees little of the place they visit. Whilst I understand the sentiment behind this, ironically, some of the best pictures we’ve taken are when we’ve been least prepared – when we’ve been in a situation when our eyes have never been wider and […]

new blog topic – with the benefit of hindsight

As well as my ‘Photo of the week’ post, I’d like to add another post called ‘with the benefit of hindsight’ which will share some of the photography mistakes we’ve made along the way, with the aim of sharing lessons learned. Look out for the first post on the evening of August 18th, 2010. We […]

Photo of the week: Going back to the sea

Upon hearing that we’ve been to Antarctica, the first (sensible) question people ask (after ‘Why the heck would you!), is ‘What is it like?’ That’s a really hard question to answer and one I’d struggle to answer in words alone. That’s why our photographs are so precious to us – they take that snapshot in […]