Never put your camera down!

Carrying a 28-300 or 100-400 Canon lens round for two weeks is no mean feat – Especially when you are ‘working’ 20 hour days sometimes, scrambling up mountainsides and getting in and out of zodiacs into the sea daily. What we’ve learned is that by goodness the Canon L lenses are robust. They’ll take a […]

Photo of the week: Last ever space shuttle night launch

I have chosen this image as my photo of the week because it was quite literally one of the ‘last ever opportunities’ for us to witness and photograph a night launch of the NASA space shuttle programme. The launch of Endeavour STS -130 was delayed by 24 hours, meaning we’d end up spending three nights […]

Photo of the week: Red Square, Moscow

I have chosen this image as my photo of the week, because it reminds me of a great moment when you discover something new in photography, something which alters your perspective and photographic style. Heavy rain had fallen that afternoon, so several puddles were strewn across Red Square. Now Red Square is a place we […]

Photo of the week: escaping this weather and heading to the desert

Given the weather we’re having these last few weeks, I have chosen an image that takes us back to sunny and far off shores. This is Wadi Rum in Jordan, home to Lawrence of Arabia and wandering nomads. Its a place we expected to like, but instantly fell in love with.  Free to explore the […]

Antarctica – with the benefit of hindsight

Antarctica, the trip of a lifetime and the chance for us to snap some memories that would last forever. We embarked on our trip to Antarctica as novices with a relatively new inventory of photography and video equipment. We had all the technology we needed, but it’s fair to say that we had not yet […]