Petra by candlelight

The Treasury in Petra, Jordan, is lit by candles at night as the stars appear overhead.

Continuing our focus on Jordan this week, I wanted to share with you this image of The Treasury at night. We’d timed our trip to ensure that we could attend the moonlit walk through the Siq to the Treasury, and what an experience it was. The entire path was lit with thousands of candles which cast dancing shadows across the landscape and illuminated intense patches of pink rock. Everyone was silent – talking was discouraged.

Awed by the spectacle, Alistair and I soon fell to the back of the group and the guides walked right past us. Allowing the group to progress without us, we became alone. Walking hand in hand in the candlelight it was one of the most romantic experiences on earth.

The entire walk took us about an hour – we stopped frequently to take pictures, marvel at the rock houses and stare at the beautiful moon. When we turned the last corner of the Siq we stopped to catch our breath – in front of us was the Treasury, illuminated by hundreds of candles. We took a seat on the warm floor and listened to local folklore and songs. After half an hour it was time to return – but Ali and I decided to stay behind, we wanted the Treasury to ourselves. Amazingly everyone left very quickly and we were soon alone again, daunted by the incredibly Treasury once more. We walked slowly among the candles, enjoying the silence and the spectacle. This image (above) is engraved into my memory from that evening.

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