Mallard Messiah

We live right next to a river in the city centre, and every day for the past 5 years we have been woken by the screams and squeals of the waterfowl outside (the odd goose has been known to enter our bedroom at night through open windows and provide a very unique wake up call!).

I have often stared at the birds and geese, wondering how we can make the most of this opportunity on our doorstep and profile these animals in a new way. I am not seeking the same old tried and tested photos that we always see of waterfowl, I wanted something different – something unusual. I was therefore delighted when, one winters’ afternoon, my husband captured this photo. He’s titled it “Mallard Messaih”, as it looks like the duck is walking on water. In fact, the duck is standing on a pristine piece of frozen river which is reflected the cloudy skies perfectly.

This image is the final one in this week’s focus on Yorkshire. I have really enjoyed spending the week focussing on the beauty of my hometown and appreciating that you don’t always have to venture to far off shores to obtain a different perspective or unusual photographs. Sometimes we just need to open our eyes to what is all around us everyday.

We welcome your thoughts and comments on this picture – and this week’s theme. If it’s made you look a little closer to home to do let us know – and please do share your pictures with us.

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