When I grow up I want to be a safari ranger

marie in Kenya

Oooh – if I could have my time again I would be a ranger in one of Africa’s incredible national parks. Imagine the life – shunning desks and email for the great outdoors – preserving the wildlife and natural environment for future generations – getting up close and personal with the big 5 and mini beasts of Africa. I know it’s not all glam, but it sounds sooo good. No more hairdryers, mass media, offices or motorways.

So what’s brought this on?

Well, several trips to Africa have brought out the repressed ranger hiding within me- especially our self drives in South Africa. Waking early, spending the entire day locating animals by tracks, spoor and smell (oh – and sight!) and then returning to camp for a simple meal cooked over the fire. Bliss! It does wonders for the soul.

Also, finding and following Ranger Diaries has not helped quash the wanderlust in me. If you are at all interested in nature conservation in Africa, or love the idea of safaris, then you simply must check out the Ranger Diaries website at http://www.rangerdiaries.com/ Beware though – it’s addictive!

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