The enormity of Greenland is astounding

Exploring Greenland’s fjord systems, I stumbled upon this wild and immense landscape which immediately stole my heart. The singular pinnacle of rock nestled among blue skies, was framed by blankets of cloud, and dwarfed passing icebergs which paraded past. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before.Notes: From the deck of a ship

Greenland is immense in every way possible. The oceans, the fiords, the geology, the skies, the icebergs, the mountains – everything fills your vision and stretches on endlessly. Huge bergs are dwarfed by jagged mountain tops, large seabirds are daunted by the 200 foot high icebergs. Flocks of Kittiwakes are lost against the glistening white backdrop of the groaning glaciers, which carve huge chunks of ice into the waters as if they were pieces of dust. This is why Greenland takes a firm hold on your heart – it has to be seen to be believed.

This image continues this week’s theme of “The Arctic” here on Taraji Blue, when we share our favourite photos and experiences from the Arctic.

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