The Birth of an Iceberg

A gothic ice formation resembles a waterfall both above and in the descent, in St Jonsfjorden, Svalbard.

This week on Taraji Blue our theme is “The Arctic” We’ll be sharing our favourite pictures and experiences. I’ll kick off with “The birth of an iceberg”…

This is how bergs are born. Huge pieces of ice are calved off the face of the moving glacier. Groaning almost with the effort, a sharp gunshot like crack signals that the glacier is about to split. In a split second you could miss it. Pieces of ice 100 feet high glide almost silently into the water, casting a wave across the otherwise calm waters of the Arctic fiords. Birds scatter to escape falling shards of ice and patiently wait for the phenomenon to end. In time they will return to perch on the sides of the glacier  – a brave few will even choose to ride on the crest of the new iceberg as it wobbles its way across the water. It does not take long for calm to return.

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