Taraji Blue on Location… on safari

Well hello there

I thought I’d take you behind the scenes to give you feel for what it’s like on safari with Taraji Blue. The photos supplied here have not been modified. Instead, they aim to give you a feel for what it is like on safari.

Well, naturally we try and get up close and personal with the animals…but we also need to respect boundaries and consider the safety and comfort of the wildlife – and ourselves!

Getting you up close
A herd passes by
Too close?
Rhino crossing
Well Hello Mr Buff
A picnic spot

After a hard day’s wildlife spotting we find a nice spot for a picnic…

Just Chilling

When the heat of the day hits there is only one thing for it – a nice relax in a shady spot

Tyres are my favourite

In the late afternoon we will head out there again and see what we can see. We’re lucky to find these wee hyenas, which had taken quite a fancy to munching on the tyres of (thankfully) other cars. (not sure how I would explain that to our car rental company otherwise!)

At the end of the day...

And, of course, there is the obligatory sundowner at the end of the day, celebrating the sights we’ve seen in the shadow of the braai.

Photos courtesy of Helen and Stuart Hammond who travelled with us to South Africa, March 2013.

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