Sneaking up on Musk Ox

Believe it or not, it is possible for 50 people to sneak up on a Musk Ox – we proved it!

On our Arctic expedition, one of our landings provided us with the opportunity to take a guided walk on the shores of Svalbard. About 50 of us jumped at the chance to stretch our legs and explore the rugged mountain side. About 15 minutes into our walk the guide spotted a pair of Musk Ox high on the hillside. They were quite far away and we were all eager to get a little closer to obtain the prized photo of these hairy beasts. The guide set a few ground rules… not to step in front of him, to allow him to lead the pace and direction and the requirement for absolute silence.

It must have looked an incredibly odd sight to the folk watching us from the deck of the ship – 50 people huddled together into a small group and periodically crept up the mountainside. Crouching and hiding behind strategically placed boulders we, very slowly, progressed ever closer. Thankfully the Musk Ox seemed oblivious and started fighting between themselves – we stopped to observe this spectacle before continuing uphill on tip toe.

It took about 20 minutes to get ourselves into position and we then sat down to watch the show.

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