Mini beasts (not the for squeamish)

It seems that a lot of my posts recently have been about the big mammals and birds of Africa, so I wanted to share a post where we celebrate some of the mini beasts of the world too. If you are at all squeamish of creepy crawlies you might wish to look away now ūüôā
I think the sexy wee fella in the top image is an Armoured Ground Cricket(?) He was the welcoming committee on our doormat each afternoon on our return to the Killiecrankie camp in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. I kind of grew to like him and I put great faith in him not to leap on my face as I lay down next to him to get this shot with my macro lens.
A freaky wee beastie

I think that the wee beastie in the photo (left) is a ¬†wind scorpian. He’s a solifugae. We found him scuttling in our torchlight one night when wandering back to our chalet in Letaba, South Africa. He’s not the best looking beast I have seen – but he certainly gets points for originality.




The handsome chap (left) is a grasshopper, found lurking in a field of sunflowers in France. I instantly fell in love with his toothy grin. He was most obliging as a photography subject.









This quite terrifying looking (and large!) spider is not to be feared. It’s a¬†golden orb-web spider and is not poisonous. We found it calming waiting in the¬†centre¬†of its web in¬†Cape¬†Town’s beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens, backed by colourful ferns. ¬†The webs these spiders weave are golden in colour – hence their name.¬†It’s not uncommon to see many males on the web too – though they are much, much smaller then this lady.







Left wanting more?

If you are brave enough to delve further into the world of mini beasts, then there are many more up close and personal photographs of insects in the Taraji Blue macro photography gallery.

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