Malfunctioning iceberg

A abstract of the weird, alien iceberg landed off Renbugten in Greenland

We saw many beautiful icebergs in Greenland, hundreds of them. Immense in size, colour and shape, they dotted the landscape like sheep dot English hillsides. Whilst I loved the majestic nature of the large smooth icebergs, I was also drawn to those which were less characteristically beautiful – like this one above.

This iceberg was sitting just off the shore line in very shallow water. We took the opportunity to sail around the berg to inspect it further. Age old blue ice mingled with clear newly formed ice and black debris. The jagged nature of the iceberg was courtesy of the motion of the waves – it’s likely that the iceberg would have twisted and rolled in the waters, each time exposing new ice to the skies and seas, thus continually reshaping and reforming the berg.

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