Sharpness is so 2012

I have taken a new and dramatic turn in 2013 – I have (temporarily?) ended my love affair with sharp shots and  I am instead an exploring a softer style of photography – one more akin to art. One which conveys the softness of nature, the gentle caress of her grass and the kiss of her sunlight on the trees.  I must confess, it’s not an easy affair – to turn your back on convention and look for blur, motion and softness is a total mind change, but one which I started to explore on our recent trip to South Africa.

The car we hired was very high – very high indeed – so we often found ourselves looking down into the grass to see the wildlife. At first I though this would be a huge disadvantage, but after a few days I noted how, at dusk and dawn, the soft light would assist the camouflage of the animals (especially the antelope and cats) and that I was getting some very unusual shots shooting through the grass. The image above was a key turning point for me because it really conveys a sense of being there… it shows exactly how the animals conceal themselves and how they so naturally fit into their environment opposed to towering over  it. Previously I had never thought about using the grass as a key component of the image  but in infrared it takes on a new dimension and a softer texture.

The image above is my favorite and is now showcased in the Taraji Blue South Africa photo gallery, but below I have also shared some images that did not make the grade, but I still quite like because they explore this new photography style in a little more detail.

You cannot see me


Impala in grass


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