Resources for those interested in wildlife conservation

If you are interested in wildlife conservation then here a few of my favourite books and websites to get lost in over the long Easter weekend…

Books I recommend:

  1. Dangerous Beauty – Life and Death in Africa: True Stories From a Safari Guide by Mark C Ross

An absolutely incredible book which had me laughing, gasping and crying in equal measure. It charts the highs and lows of life as a safari ranger, but is most harrowing and powerful when discussing the safari group that was brutally attached and murdered under his care in Uganda. Quite how he managed to pick himself up and carry on what he does after that experiences I don’t know. Just reliving the book whilst writing this review brings tears to my eyes and causes goosebumps on my arms.
A must read. I cannot recommend highlight enough. he’s an incredible man and an incredible author. If I could give it 6 stars I would!
Further reviews are available on Goodreads

2.  The Wilderness Family by Kobie Kruger

This is one of my favourite books of all time. I have read it several times.

It evokes the spirit,passion and unpredictability of south africa.
It’s written by a game ranger’s wife and charters her life as she adopts various wild animals, learns to live in her husband’s shadow and gets used to bringing up her children in life’s most amazing environment. She’s a heroine like no other. I defy you to read this book and not want to emigrate to Africa.

Further reviews are available on Goodreads.

3. A Zoo in My Luggage by Gerald Durell
It takes a few chapters to warm up, but after that it’s gripping. I read it all in one afternoon. It’s not for those who are used to fiction or controllable life tales, but for anyone who is remotely interested in wildlife and conservation it’s a must read. It charts how zoo used to be populated – Gerald travels to a host of wonderful places and quite literally collects animals along the way. Shocking but a very interesting read – this is how life used to be.

Further reviews are available on Goodreads.

4. The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony

This is a heartbreaking and simultaneously heart warming book. It’s written by one of the world’s greatest conservationists. It tells the tale of how he habituates a heard of elephants on his game reserve and his constant battle to protect them from poachers. I cannot recommend this book enough and will not say anything more for risk of spoilers.

Further reviews are available on Goodreads.

 Websites I recommend:

  • Sanparks website – the ultimate resource for booking your trip to South Africa. However, their forums are blogs are the real gems. This website has a fantastically welcoming community who will go to great lengths to help you plan your stay and relive your memories of safaris in south Africa. Visit for more information.
  • Real life diaries from real life safari rangers –  Visit for more information.
  • Our very own Taraji Blue website for online photo galleries from across the world: Africa, Costa Rica, the polar regions 😉


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