Too Dark?

Lapland in infrared

I have been experimenting with the infrared shots I took in Lapland and have decided to re-review some of the shots I discarded to see if I could ‘rescue’ any of them from the trash.

I stumbled upon this shot – it lacks the intensity of light that I have become used too when using infrared in the UK – but that’s why I am drawn to this image. I quite like the occasional highlights of the snow on the trees and the lakeside, it reminds me of the way the bright moonlight bounced off the landscape  creating moments of bright brilliance on cloudy Lappish nights.  I also like the darkness of the shot – infrared allows you to experiment with the contrast and temperature of the blacks and whites and I when I can use them to extreme, I tend to try and do so (because this type of photography affords this rare privilege). I am just not sure if it is too dark and too extreme…. I welcome your thoughts.

More of my infrared photographs are available in the Taraji Blue infrared experiments gallery (not all are this extreme!).



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