Our must do’s in Kruger


I would say:

1. Braai, Braai and Braai some more
2. Take yourself to the darkest part of the camp at night and lie on your back and marvel at the wonderful night sky (Take a star chart with you!)
3. Drink pineapple fanta (not available in the uk and very refreshing!)
4. Shun hairdryers and hairstyles for the entire holiday
5. Spend as much time as possible outside
6. Allow your heart to soar everytime you hear the cry of the kingfisher
7. Appreciate the novelty of the go away birds and hornbills trying to steal your lunch
8. Go on a night drive
9. Go on a morning walk
10. Marvel at the beeeaters and rollers… stunning birds
11. Make friends with an elephant
12. Stay at Tamboti (in the tents)…in fact, stay in tents whenever you can
13. Marvel at the size and variety of the bugs during your stay in Bataleur
14. Picnic at Pafuri
15. Ruin the suspension of your (hired) car on the non tarred roads (by acident, of course)
16. Head out early at gate opening hours and make the most of the silent mornings and excellent game viewing
17. Drink an Amarula in the light of the camp fire at the end of an amazing day
18. Meet the locals and take heed of their advice
19. Slow down! It’s not a race and many animals die from speeding motorists
20. Avoid all contact with the ‘real world’ and make this alternate reality last as long as it can 🙂

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