A white rhino is very unimpressed with our company. Taken using a Canon film SLR in Kenya 2004.

The white rhino. Near threatened according to IUCN, but the IUCN don’t work in Kruger. In 2005, 13 rhino were poached. In 2007, 13 rhino were poached. In 2009, 122. In 2011, 448. Between January 2010 and May 2012, 991 were killed in Kruger National Park – that’s nearly 6% of the global population in 30 months, with an increasing acceleration. You figure out the rest.

Affluent people think rhino horn will protect them against cancer. It won’t. Even if you evade cancer you will die in a car crash or from heart disease, so the efficacy of alternative medicine (or any medicine) is largely irrelevant when it comes to insulating yourself from death. 30 years later you will be retired, less affluent but will be able to go on safari, you will be more wise and will be in awe in the glory of the world, and you will wonder where all the animals have gone. Look inside your soul.

Please share photos of our gorgeous rhinos, but be careful to remove any GPS or keyword information that provides the location of the rhino, as poachers use real-time data to track rhino populations. Poachers are mostly just trying to looking after their own families – it’s the level above which is criminally profitable – but the whole chain is ethically wrong.

We do a lot of stupid things to the environment but most can be rationalised by our society’s and personal progress and a general aspiration to be better next time. I am guilty of some of these things. But ingesting a rhino without any credible evidence is just murder.


코뿔소의 뿔은 약이 아니예요
গণ্ডার শিঙা ওষুধ নয়
Рог носорога это не лекарство
قرن وحيد القرن ليست الطب
राइनो सींग दवा नहीं है
Rhino buynuz dərman deyil
Рог насарога гэта не лекі
Rhino adarrez ez da medikuntza
Chifre de rinoceronte não é medicina
Tanduk badak bukan ubat
رائنو سینگ دوائی نہیں ہے
Gergedan boynuzu ilaç değildir

…with apologies for lack of right-align, translation errors, and languages omitted. If you continue to intentionally use rhino horn – or to be honest, any medicine which uses endangered and threatened species – as part of your selfish and futile attempt to prolong your life, you have participated in a crime, and I will have nothing to do with you. Grow up. Cancer can be beaten; regret can’t.

(I have tried to avoid unsubstantiated hyperbole like ‘last of the dinosaurs’ but if something is factually wrong here please let me know and I’ll correct)

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