Infrared photography – a whole new world is opening up…

Infrared raw shot 1

Inspired by  Charlie Hamilton James’ infrared photos taken in Africa (and exhibited at 2012 Wild Photos conference), I was immediately hooked with this style of photography. I loved the idea that the harsh midday light on safari could be used beneficially. I immediately asked Santa Claus for infrared film so I could to start experimenting with my old film SLR.  Santa (my hubby) went one better than that and got me a new Olympus compact camera with infrared filter, allowing me to experiment digitally.

I put the camera and the filter through its paces in Finnish Lapland, though the light at this time of the year was less bright than anticipated with the sun barely breaking the horizon. Nevertheless, it was a good opportunity for me to start experimenting with this new style of photography using long exposures… to prepare myself for the ‘real’ test… Kruger National Park in March 🙂

I am not expecting much from the infrared Lapland shots I took, but I will share them here for the purpose of sharing the lessons learned and hopefully, demonstrating an improvement in technique over time (fingers crossed).

My next hurdle is to figure out how the heck to post process them… because these images (above and below) are what infrared shots looks like straight out of the camera! Watch this space.


Infrared shot 4 raw

Infrared shot 2 - raw

        Infrared shot raw 3

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