Meet Mr Chips…

We recently went on a falconry course, courtesy of my fabby sister and her beau. It was a dream come true for me as I am OBSESSED with owls. You can only imagine my delight when, upon arriving, I was introduced to a whole host of owls, some tiny and handbag sized, some so huge your arm would quiver whilst trying to old their weight.Each of them had names and personalities to match.

Whilst I would have gladly taken any of them home, the one that really had my heart was Mr Chips, an Asian Brown Wood Owl who was mid-molt and totally irresistible. Here he is in his full glory…this is the snugly  fuzzy face you see when holding him. He’d look right into your eyes and simultaneously cause both a rush of love, adrenaline and fear. He was incredible!

More photos of Mr Chips and crew are available in the TarajiBlue captive photo gallery.

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