Win Pub Quizzes with TarajiBlue’s ‘did you know’… (part 1)

Here’s a selection of fascinating facts TarajiBlue have recently discovered…

1. All forms of sea ice are named after food.

There is ‘grease ice’ – named because it leaves a fine, greasy looking film on the sea.

Then there is porridge ice. Known for its sticky,lumpy and gloopy nature.

Then there is pancake ice – so named because it forms beautiful disks of ice with curled up edges (see below).

Pancake Ice Forming in Scoresbysund

2. Sir David Attenborough cannot drive.

3.  Hoverflies have hairy eyes. (see below)

A Hoverfly's hairy eyes

4. Between March and May in the Arctic, sea ice covering an area the size of 500 football pitches freezes each second! (fact courtesy of Doug Allan

Ice formation in Greenland

5. Before they copulate, damselflies, spend some considerable time in physical contact with one another, presumably in an effort to assess their potential mate. This physical contact is made by the male clasping the female’s thorax with the four terminal appendages on the end of his abdomen. (see below)

Damselflies mating


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