The Jury Is Out On These…

I am really not sure if I like these photos or not…which begs the question as to why I have spent the afternoon sharing them across the worldwide web. But sometimes, you just need feedback 🙂

This first image is VERY different from my usual macro photography style – that’s because I am also trialling a theme of movement. I have called it “Chaos In Wind”. It’s a shot looking down into a selection of grasses and flowers whilst the wind was blowing. I have tried to capture the beauty of the colours and textures, but also the movement… please do let me know what you think. As I say, this is really very different to my usual style.

Looking into a selection of grasses on a windy day

Further images from my movement theme are available on the TarajiBlue website.

This second image was taken in York’s Museum Garden in the UK. I have titled it “A Warm And Fuzzy Feeling” in honor of the textures captured within the image.
It’s a close up of a lovely purple flowerbud. I love its positioning in the feathery texture of the surrounding foliage. It caught my eye whilst I was skulking amoung the flowerbeds on lazy saturday afternoon whilst enjoying  a picnic with Ali and friends.

A close up of a flower bud surrounded by purple feathery foliage

Other images from my macro photography gallery are available on the TarajiBlue website. 

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