And Here’s Some I Made Earlier…

I have been catching up post processing a backlog of my macro photography shots recently – and here’s a pick of the bunch. I hope you like them…

This image (below) was taken in the garden of a rental cottage in Wales over the summer…well, I say summer, but it rained like mad all weekend. Still – this delighted me somewhat, because it provided a rare opportunity for me to spend time in the garden photographing water droplets on plants like this one.

Looking into the centre of a delicate flower

These  images, below, were taken on summer weekend at The University of York’s Heslington East campus.

The first is a beautiful blue wildflower – this really caught my eye. I loved the vibrancy of the blue colour against a sea of green grasses and flowers.

A Blue Wildflower

It was not only me who really appreciated the beauty and vibrancy of this flower, it was visited by many a bee, wasp and hover fly whilst I was there. Whilst the insects in this shot are not as sharp as I’d like, I have chosen to share this image because I love the contrast of the movement and soft lines of the insects against the striking sharpness and vibrancy of the flower stamen.

Insects visit a blue wildflower

This summer’s meadow really caught my eyes. It was a striking array of wildflowers in every colour imaginable. You can immediately see why the place was literally crawling with insects – it must be a paradise for them.

And finally, we lurked around a small pond for a few hours until it started to pour it down.  We were lucky enough to find these two canoodling damselflies.

Two damselflies mating

More macro photography photos are available in the TarajiBlue macro gallery.


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