An Alternative Angle

The trouble with wildlife photography / photography in general is that it’s very hard to find a new angle on things. A lot has already been done and explored – so you are constantly challenged to look at things differently, to find a different angle, an alternative perspective on subjects.

Most of the time I take photos that I enjoy taking – not being a professional photographer I have the luxury of time and being selfish, photographing what I want and when I want. However, every now and then I force myself to try new things, to think outside the box and try a fresh take on something.

Whilst on a macro photography trip to the grounds of York University I lost patience with an especially lazy but camera shy bee who evaded every opportunity I had to take a close up of him. He was so stunningly beautiful – clear, glossy eyes, a fuzz free yellow and black ‘coat’ and a slow amble which would have been ideal for macro photography. But every time I got close he’d turn and show me his bottom. I tried everything, feigning no interest, hiding behind trees, lying on the floor to try and photograph him from below – but he saw through everything 🙁  After a frustrating hour, inspiration struck and  I realised how I can turn this to my advantage – why not capture the character of the bee as a shy character, as one reluctant to be photographed. That’s when I caught this shot below.

Whilst it is not what I originally set out to capture, I do like it. I think the glimpse of the bee through the thistle provides a rare view of this insect – one I have not seen before. The contrast of the sharpness of the bee’s eyes and fur against the bokeh of the thistle and background serves to possibly provide more of an insightful focus on the subject than if they’d been full frame. I swear you can almost see a smile on the bee’s face too.

A bee hides behind a thistle

Let me know what you think… I welcome feedback on the new approaches I try.

Further macro photography is available in the TarajiBlue photo gallery.

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