The Perils of Motherhood (Memories of the Maasai Mara series)

Coming In From The Wild

The struggle for survival is ever apparent in Africa. This lioness had already lost the rest of her cubs to other predators. Our hearts went out to her. This was a solemn reminder that even the queen of African predators is vulnerable and exposed.

Unfortunately for the mother, the sole remaining cub is rebellious and independent. Strong willed and lacking basic caution, the young cub bounded off into the plains alone, despite the horrors it has witnessed previously. We watched helplessly as the less than confident mother scoured the plains for her child, growls growing louder and more frequent by the minute. The sense of panic was palpable – we knew where the cub was hiding, but she did not. Despite the droughts, the short grass makes a veritable hiding spot for young cubs who are eager to practice their hiding and stalking skills.

After a few minutes the cub lost its confidence and began to cry out for its mother – who ran quickly to its side, and took it lovingly and gently in its mouth. The ever playful cub protested at being carried but the mother resisted its cries, ever mindful of the need to protect her sole remaining child.

This post is the sixth in the series “Memories of the Maasai Mara” and is an extract from the Taraji Blue book “Memories of the Maasai Mara” …

Privileged to spend eight nights in the Maasai Mara in October 2009, we relished the opportunity to revisit our land of dreams.

Ever since our first visit to Kenya in 2005 we’d fallen in love with the continent and had longed to return. For four years we’d played our Africa CDs daily and viewed our photos longingly, anticipating the day we would return. Back in 2009 we had our chance…

Each morning we bounded out of our beds and into the wilderness, eager and hopeful of what the day would bring. We owe much of our success to the fantastic guides and staff of the Kicheche Bush Camp, Mara Safari Club and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, who we cannot praise enough and to whom we long to return.

It is through our experiences and time in Kenya that we tell, and re-live, our memories of this amazing continent, and above all, of the Maasai Mara.

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