The most incredible place to stay – Kieliekrankie Wilderness Camp

If Only All Days Would End Like This

Kieliekrankie Wilderness Camp in  Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is, by far, one of our most favourite places to stay in the world.Imagine just 4 guest cabins, perched on-top of a sand dune, sensitively positioned so you’re not intruding on each others’ privacy, but close enough to allow searchlights to share sightings between the residents.

Each cabin faces endless rows of gently undulating dunes which glow brightly in the sunset each evening.  It’s part of the the Sanparks network and offers incredible value for money and a romance very few places can match.It’s a wilderness camp so there are no fences and safety is taken very seriously. You’re ‘locked down’ into your cabin after dusk and cannot emerge until dawn – but the tailor made decking allows guests to braai outside under the endless starts of the milky way, searching for wild animals by spotlight whilst being visited by resident barn owls.

The skies here are huge and they stretch beyond your vision, rendering you speechless as the blackness is replaced by twinkling stars, satellites, the magellanic clouds  and shooting stars. Without going OTT, this is a place to rediscover yourself, get a bit of perspective and realign your worries, stress and perspective on the world. Life doesn’t need to be as complicated as we make it – for two weeks of the year we should slow down in a place like this and recall what it is like to experience life without wi-fi, tv, facebook and other unnecessary distractions. It’s pure and unadulterated bliss. Further photos from our stay at Kieliekrankie Wilderness Camp  are available in the Taraji Blue Kalahari Photo Gallery.

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