(Near naked) Close Encounters with the Arctic Ocean…Behind The Scenes Of An Arctic Adventure


Marie with Polar Bear


Taking pictures of tiny trees

I’m conscious that a lot of the images we’ve published of the Arctic give visitors / readers a good idea about the beauty of the Arctic and the incredible landscape – but what  is it like to live on-board for 10 days with a bunch of strangers and what do people get up to when they’re not behind a lens? Well, hopefully this blog post will give you a little bit of a feeling for life in the Arctic.
In summary – It’s great fun! One of the great things about adventure trips is that you’re surrounded by like -minded crazy people who throw themselves into any task and given situation with gusto. We share experiences, learn from one another and take any opportunity to experience something new – whether it’s embracing macro photography on land or swimming in the Arctic ocean, there’s always one crazy loon who’ll lead everyone else to embrace some kind of madness.

No idea or endeavour is too silly – you want to skinny dip in the arctic waters…done! You want to walk on an iceberg …done! You want to lie on deck in your pyjamas in the middle of the night and stargaze…done! You want to watch killer whales with a beer in hand…done! You want dinner served at 80 degrees north over a glass of champers…done!



Maries' Polar Plunge

Ali's polar plunge

Take the Arctic plunge for example –  you have an opportunity at least once on your Arctic trip to strip and launch yourself into the Arctic waters alongside icebergs. All passengers stand by to watch you launch yourself off the gangway and the expedition leaders fulfil two very important roles a) they stay indoors handing you vodka once you’ve plummeted into the icy depths 2) they wrap up in more layers than are imaginable and head off in the zodiac to capture your heroic (read ‘crazy’) moment on camera.


When you are not launching yourself off the side of the boat you’ll spend your days in zodiacs, cruising the Arctic waters alongside rolling icebergs 200feet high and numerous in volume. You’ll spend every spare minute on deck, ‘squishing’ glaciers and sharing sightings of polar bears, whales and sea birds with fellow passengers.


Marie squishing a glacier
Passengers on MS Expedition

You’ll cry together, eat together, laugh together, dance and sing together, learn together, drink together and form lifelong friendships with people whose lives you’d never cross otherwise. You’ll hold dear the precious memories you have together and will recall and recount them for years to come. You’ll meet up again in other counties, talk endlessly on social media sites and continue to inspire each other long after the trip has ended and the photos have been shared.  This is why travel is so great and why I’ll do everything I can to continue to explore the world with my husband and the thousands of people we meet along the way.

If you have a chance to visit the polar regions I’d urge you to do so…this goes against the grain a little for me as I’d rather they remain untouched and be ‘our little secret’, but if you visit I promise you’ll emerge a different and better person for it.

Photos from our trip to the Arctic are available in the Taraji Blue Arctic Photo Gallery.


Ali on a custom made ice-chair

Marie with Arctic FoxMS Expedition       The Polar Plunge Crew




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