Less Perfect, More Reality.

Gulls swoop and fight for seed

I spend so much time trying to capture the perfect wildlife portrait that I sometimes forget the most interesting shots are often those that represent reality i.e what you see, when you see it.

I have started to wonder if photography could or should be less about what the camera sees, and whether the photograph should represent what your eyes see / would have seen if your eye was not glued to the viewfinder.

A herd of impala run to safety

That’s why is have taken to trying to capture disruption and movement in photography…it’s a huge challenge. To cease waiting for the perfect capture and instead going with the flow of what emerges and when..it causes for a rethink of key disciplines but also leads to a ‘no regrets’ attitude that I love. It’s also a more raw form of photography for me – one which needs much less post-processing time, and for this I am grateful. I dislike post processing – I’d much rather be in the field than sitting in front of a PC.

Here’s some of my attempts to date. They are work in progress, but it’s a step forward at least, and it is always fun to learn a new skill.

A Rabbit escapes

A butterfly gets ready for takeoff

I welcome your thoughts. Additional images are available in the Taraji Blue ‘movement’ gallery. 

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