It’s National Braai Day Today, lets braai, braai, braai!

The braai at Killiekrankie camp in the Kalahari

Yes, you read that right, it’s national braai day…so come on, grab your wellies , umberella and BBQ tongs and lets celebrate like we’re South African ūüôā

I am happy to admit that I have become ¬†a bit of a braai enthusiast….ok.ok….I’m an obsessive braaier.

Ever since our first trip to Kruger in January this year I fell in love with outdoor cooking – I’ve never happier than when I am¬†covered¬†in soot, have ¬†a fat juicy steak on the fire and a glass of cape red in my hand¬†watching¬†the fire burn and the african night descend.

After a long day in the field witnessing the most incredible¬†wildlife¬†and landscapes of Africa I love throwing on my braaing outfit (the most smelliest one!) and starting a fire. I am¬†fiercely¬†territorial¬†of my braai too – my¬†husband¬†is barely allowed to touch my precious¬†flames¬†without permission. It’s so¬†primeval to light a fire and cook meat….I love it.¬†¬†And when I¬†discovered Potjie… ¬†wow! ūüôā My braaing experience was complete.

This is my most favourite braai – it’s at Killiekrankie Dune camp in the Southern African Kalahari and it is the most peaceful and wonderful place to cook up a feast. As a¬†fence-less¬†camp, Killiekrankie provides the opportunity to braai in the presence of big cats, owls, wildcats, hyhena and bok. It’s a magical setting and one that I hope to return too one day.

And to reassure you I can start a damn good fire…here’s some of my best ūüôā


A potjie on the braaiA braai in South Africa at sunset



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