This Is Why I Love The Ocean…

A spectacular Arctic sunset illuminates the cloud layers above.

I never thought I’d be a sea-going wench. I thought myself more of a landlubber who would never get used to the pitch and roll of the ocean – especially given my tendency for land-sickness in the early days of our travels.  Truth be told, on our first major sea adventure to Antarctica I was scared stiff – half excited and half scared witless – I had tears in my eyes when boarding the ship.

However I quickly fell in love with the ocean. The Drake passage was good to us and it fuelled my wanderlust for more time on open waters. Hence our trip to the Arctic years later.

I now love the serenity and silence of the ocean. The gentle pitch of the boat, the comforting roar of the ship engines, the sounds of waves lapping your cabin window…become accustomed and you are hooked! What’s more, a still ocean is an incredible vantage point to witness nature’s most specular sunrises and sunsets. The sun breaks through the clouds casting the entire horizon in the most vivid colours imaginable.  The ship’s deck offers a 360 degree viewpoint so you can watch the entire spectacle from start to end and capture photos like these (above and below).

Distance icebergs form a vaguely familiar shape on the horizon as we leave the southern part of Scoresby Sund, eastern Greenland

Additional photos from our Arctic sea-going voyage are available in our Taraji Blue Arctic photo gallery.


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