When Did This Happen – I Seem To Have Become A Twitcher?!

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I’ve had a striking realisation today – I have become a twitcher!

How did I come to this conclusion? Well..

1. I adore birds.

2. I take pride in the fact that I have started to recognise and recall the names for both foreign and UK birds.

3. I love seeing and  photographing them – even on safari when they big five are present we’ll find ourselves stopping to capture photos of bee-eaters, rollers and birds of prey.

4. Our search for a new house is revolving around the fact that we’d like a garden / woodland nearby so we can spend time with the birds and hopefully invite them into our own back garden.

5. Heck – I even found myself saying that I wanted to take a beautiful picture of a pigeon at the weekend!

6. We own far too many bird-spotting books for non-twitchers.

7. We are proud RSPB members and visit their reserves as often as we can.

8. I love the fact that my daily commute takes me past gaggles of geese everyday.

9. I did not freak out when a goose entered our bedroom at 3am one summer evening

10. On any drives around the UK my eyes are pinned skywards to try and identify kestrels, hawks and eagles.

If that doesn’t mean I’m a twitcher, what does?!

P.S  Thankfully my husband has been converted too.

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