Oops, we’ve fallen in love again…

A Zebra pulls a face

I feel like every time we return from a holiday I want to apply the description “trip of a lifetime”. I know I can’t, but our recent trip to Kruger National Park came damn close to obtaining this title. It completely blew us away.

We have been to Kruger once before – ten years ago for our honeymoon – but back then we entered the park  as a day visitor and spent only a few precious hours seeing the Kruger National Park with a guide. This time we opted for an 11 day self drive. Fuelled by the desire for an adventure and our love of wildlife and photography, we wanted to see if it was possible to do a safari on a budget but still see the range of animals desired and obtain the photos we are after.

Having been on safari a few times in Kenya, we were keen to see what difference the absence of a ranger would make when we went off into the bush alone. We had learned a lot from previous safaris and have become acquainted with the symbiotic relationships of animals, tracking via footprints and vegetation and learning how, when and where to spot animals…but this is the bush, and anything can happen.

I am delighted to say it was a great success, and what we have learned on our recent trip I will be sharing over a series of Kruger National Park blogs here on the TarajiBlue website. I will be covering topics such as accommodation, seasonality and its impacts, what to expect on a self drive safari, conservation, what to take with you, car hire and which safaris to take (road and location recommendations). I hope what we have learnt will be useful for anyone planning a trip to Kruger National Park and will inspire many more people to visit this incredible wilderness.

Check back regularly or visit our facebook page for details of the new blogs as they are released. We are also sharing our reviews on Trip Advisor and photos from our trip are available in our South African photo gallery.

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