New: South Africa photo gallery now online

A baby monkey

We’re delighted to announce that the first batch of photos from our recent South African safari are now available in our Taraji Blue photo gallery. These have been a real labour of love for us. We travelled to Kruger National Park on a self drive in Jan 2012 and spent at least 12 hours in the field every day for 10 days. We gradually grew familiar to the 4am alarm and relished the chance to spend as much time as possible with the animals.

Dusk and dawn are the most fruitful times for wildlife photography. The animals are energised, the air is cool and the light bathes the bush in a gentle amber glow. It’s during these times we had some of our best sightings: jackel, wild dogs, rhino and lions.

These is our first release of our South African safari photos – there is more to follow once we have completed work on them. But we could not wait to share some with you. We hope you like them!


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