Tender moments with African wildlife

I Have Seen Tomorrow

Continuing my reflection of our times in Africa, I wanted to share with you some of our more tender moments experienced with the wildlife and the environment. It’s moments like these that draw you back to Africa time and time again…

a) In Kenya, our guide provided us with breakfast in the bush in true ‘Out of Africa’ style. We emerged cautiously from the vehicle into the open bush. Whilst we were taking in our surroundings our guide set up a folding table, covered it with a Maasai blanket and produced, seemingly out of no-where, the most incredible breakfast feast.  We sat in deckchairs in the middle of the Kenyan grasslands eating wonderful food, sipping tea and watching a heard of about 20 elephants walk right by us. They paused to eat from the acacia trees as if to join us in our breakfast. It brought tears to my eyes.

b) In the heat of the midday sun, a lioness who had been feasting on a wildebeest carcass came to shelter in the shadow of our LandRover.  She was an arm’s length away from us and just gazed into our eyes. Her mouth and fur was blood stained, and she was so close that we could see ourselves reflected in her eyes and hear her gentle panting .

c) Africa as a whole has this incredible smell – it’s exotic and herby and it fills your senses the second you step foot off the plane. It’s hard to describe, but once you have inhaled it, it’ll never leave you. It’s alluring and never fails to excite you.

Photos from our Kenya safaris are available in our TarajiBlue Kenyan photo gallery.


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