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A rabbit runs

You know me – I am never happy unless the next project is on the go, and with my love for macro photography becoming a constant obsession I have started to wonder what the ‘next big challenge’ is.  I have settled upon the theme of movement.

As noted in a previous blog post it’s been a popular theme in a lot of competitions recently, and it is something that seems relatively easy, but takes considerable skill. With my new Canon 7D I decided it was just the challenge I needed, so I swotted up on my camera manual to learn about the settings available to me, set my camera to TV (shutter priority) mode and off I went.

A steady hand, favourable light and bountiful wildlife at local wetlands proved just the right mixture of education and inspiration. When focussing on waders, geese and swans I was utterly surprised to see a rabbit hop out of the river bank and dash across a low stone wall. I barely had time to register its presence, let alone steal a shot. So I was quite happy with the above result.

After years and years of attempting pin-sharp shots, it’s not easy to forget what you have learnt to try and capture movement. It requires you to re-think settings, composition and focus. But it’s fun!

The image above was taken with a Canon L 100-400mm lens at 400mm, f5.6, ISO 250, exposure bias +1/3 EV.

Several more movement images are available in our dedicated online gallery. I hope you enjoy them and welcome your feedback.

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