BBC’s Frozen Planet – it’s dangerous stuff!

An abrupt rock peak rises into the snowy skies in the Lemaire Channel, Antarctica

We waited with bated breath until BBC’s Frozen Planet came out on blu-ray and we have now watched a couple of episodes, but I have had to lock it away for a wee while – it’s dangerous stuff! The credits had barely rolled for episode two and Ali and I were knee deep in Antarctic brochures that had conveniently landed on our doorstep that day 🙂

The footage is powerfully jaw dropping and immensely beautiful, it transports you to a simpler but more beautiful place…one which challenges the senses and sets your adrenaline going – how can you not be tempted?!

For us, it brings back memories of a very precious trip to Antarctica in 2006 and stirs a longing for the Arctic which is entirely the fault of  an opportunistic and half price trip to Greenland in 2010.  I have shared some of our favourite polar region photos in this blog today. Others are available in our Antarctic and Arctic photo galleries.

Above: A monochrome of a mountain in Lemaire Channel (AKA Kodak Channel) Antarctica.

Below: Icebergs in RØdefjord, Scoresbysund, Greenland.

An ice pipe organ unfolds as you turn the corner into this magnificently sculpted ice bay, repetitive pipes below, dappled fields above, in RØdefjord, Greenland

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