‘Into the Arctic’ New Documentary from TarajiBlue


Into The Arctic from Alistair Knock on Vimeo.

In 2010 we were fortunate enough to seize an opportunistic half price holiday to the Arctic with Gap Adventures. What we  witnessed in Spitsbergen and Greenland was at once life enhancing and bewildering. The memories we have are re-lived by us regularly and they continue to fuel our wanderlust for the polar regions. The sense of place and isolation was immense, as was the beauty that surrounded us.

Greenland was a  particular surprise. It’s huge – everything is magnified … size, colour, shape and form, it’s like no where I have ever seen before. Icebergs tower majestically, blue skies meet glass -like lagoons and oceans.

We were so fortunate with the weather, everyday the sun kissed the snow capped mountaintops surrounding us, creating incredibly beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Bare-armed we drank cold beers on the boat’s deck with new friends in the afternoon sun, watching icebergs and glaciers pass us by. Every minute in this wonderful environment became a legend that will stay with us forever… We cried, laughed and celebrated with friends onboard at morning, noon and midnight.

Sleep was brief, for the excitement of the environment and the promise of the next day could not come soon enough. When we did finally drift off to the ebb and flow of the gentle tide, we were awoken by announcements that the Northern Lights were dancing overhead.

I said it was a life-enhancing experience, but I would go as far to say it was also life changing. When you see what we saw, you cannot help but change your perceptions on the world. It alters your very soul.

This is why, for the last 14 months, TarajiBlue have been working on a documentary of the Arctic. Featuring footage shot entirely on location, and with an original and exclusive score from Alistair Knock, it’s been a labour of love and one that we are eager to share – not only with fellow passengers of the MS Expedition, but also with friends we know, and friends we are yet to make.  We hope, that by sharing this footage, we can share the incredible beauty of the Arctic and help the world to realise why we must protect this most precious and fragile resource for future generations.

Our documentary is called ‘Into the Arctic’ and it is freely available to view on Vimeo. We would really love to hear your feedback – please do let us know what you think, both of the feature and of the Arctic itself.


  1. Just dazzling, and beautiful, as well as being still and centring. A very effective blend on image, music and word. There’s a wee wee bit of the score either stalling or perhaps composed in what I feel is an abrasive, repetitive tone. It really felt like a bit of the score being stuck in a loop…maybe after about 3 minutes…and lasts only about half a minute or less, the rest is gloriously hypnotic and emotive.
    Well done you both. You make a positive change to the world


  2. Hi – I found your site when I was looking around TripAdvisor. I loved Greenland, too! I went last year and was so amazed by its beauty, I’ve been trying to convince everyone else around me to go, too. 🙂 It is so awesome to see that I’m not the only one so enamored with the Arctic. BTW, gorgeous documentary!

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