I wish I’d taken…..

At the 2011 Wild Photos conference all speakers were asked to reveal the image they wish they’d taken. I thought this was a great idea and one I’d start to emulate on this blog.

Quite appropriately, I start this series with an image revealed at the conference as a winner of the Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year in the Urban Wildlife category. It’s called ‘Boy Meets Nature’ and it quite literally took my breath away when revealed on the big screen. It’s available to review here.

The photographer is the very talented scientist turned photographer, Alexander Badyaev (USA).   The image was taken in the type of ram-shackled cabin we all dream of owning in North America. The family would visit and Alex became enchanted with the bats that feast on the white moths surrounding the cabin at specific times of the year. It took Alex a few years to figure out how to capture both the bats and moths in photos, and during this time he had a new addition to the family  i.e. the boy in the picture who seemingly shares his passion. The child was supposed to be asleep and not feature in the picture, but I think it is glorious and timeless that he did pop his head up into the shot his Dad has spent years planning.

I love the juxtaposition of rodent and child – not a mixture you’d ever dream of putting together, but that is why it works so well. Alex has done an amazing job to capture both the child’s and the bat’s expression- almost mutual appreciation and curiosity. It’s a perfect medley of human and nature and one I could only ever dream of capturing. I REALLY, REALLY wish I had taken this shot.

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