I Am Not A Landscape Photographer!

Wind Power

I really am not! The landscape is nothing more than an environment or scene setting for my wildlife photography.

However, I do love the thrill of wildlife photography, the adrenaline rush it provides and the challenges that come with photographing wildlife.

I also adore the tiny wee new world that macro photography opens. It’s like wearing a pair of prescription lenses for the first time: you see detail you’ve never seen before and as a result, you see the world in a new light.

In direct contrast, landscape photography is static and I find it a little boring … So why is it that I always seem to turn my eye to some scenic shots during wildlife and macro photography sessions? I often find myself thinking ‘Oh, that’s pretty, I’ll take a quick picture’….and then the resulting photos often end up being some of my favourite shots.

Take, for example, the image above. This was taken with my macro lens (Canon EF 100mm) during a wildlife photography field trip. I saw the wind turbines on our walk back to the car and thought they might be worth a quick shot, but in all honesty I could not be bothered to switch lenses and thought a quick photo with the macro lens might suffice. Despite the lack of effort put into this shot, I love the results.

Now in my defence I did think carefully about the composition – I waited until the foreground was correct and the light maximised…but otherwise I did nothing but point and click with the ‘wrong’ lens and expected nothing spectacular. I was proven wrong!

Maybe, just maybe, I am a closet landscape photographer? Hmmmm.

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